We have been a Volusion e-commerce customer for quite a long time now. It has gone from good to absolutely *(&$&*($#@ terrible.

The amount of flexibility is shrinking and the customer service is pretty much a joke. Everything either can't be done or "we don't support that" - even for $300+ per month for over many years. Looking for other providers but we do not want to be in the same sinking boat with someone else.

Some of the features are awesome, but more and more merchants are complaining of traffic getting blocked since Volusion took their hosting away from Rackspace and began hosting themselves. Overall, the attitude and service has a stinky vibe. E-commerce solution buyer beware...

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Yes! I totally agree and I started noticing that they completely went down hill in the beginning of this year.

My newsletters all go into my customers spam box now & I get blamed for it. Also the Slowness of the server, my site used to be #1 on several keywords now is dropped severely because Google can't crawl or get a response. Volusion told me it was my theme, that because I had a non responsive theme & needed to upgrade so what I did was update and paid $180 for a theme that made things worse! It doesn't even show my star reviews on google searches anymore, and Volusion response was "it's Google" also I was blamed for the newsletters as well.

But it's funny how both of my websites which are totally different and different customers do the same exact thing. I'm so sick of their *** right about now! I have to chat or call them every dang day about nonsense that should be working. And the best part was they just changed my damn plan without notice, so I no longer have deal of the day and other things that I was using.

For $80 a month times two for $160 both stores this is junk.

I want to switch so badly to another server, but I'm scared that the grass won't be greener and lose search rankings even more. Any suggestions??

Dahlonega, Georgia, United States #950897

I have settled on Pinnacle Cart, by far the best customer service I have had and I get personal attention to my needs.


We thought Volution is good company. They charge a lot of money for SEO but sloppy SEO worse than our marketing interns.

Suspended our account during holiday season by their mistake.

We are moving to Woo Commerce WP site. That is much easier and worth it


Please be aware !!


Volution does suck! There customer service is the worst I have ever seen in my life.

It is completely non existent.

I can not believe a company that runs like this can stay on business. I google volution sucks so see if any others felt the same.

to Volution is the worst #1438276

YES WE FEEL THE SAME even in 2018


Im so sick of volusion's nickel and diming! I have 5 sites with several of the top line stores and I get *** for customer service.

Any monkey can forward me an article. then the services that used to be free all cost money.

I'm switching all 5 stores. who is the best replacement?


I recently dumped Volusion for all the reasons cited by everyone, Volusion sucks!

I went to Bigcommerce.

What a difference! Bigcommerce is much better, easier to use and significantly less expensive.

I went from spending $200/mth with Volusion to $25/mth with all the same features; site templates are even nicer. Only took 2-days to rebuild my entire web site on Bigcommerce.


We are in total agreement 100% on this! We are several years in with these guys are and DYING to find a better solution but afraid of spending a ton of man hours jumping to any pile of garbage like Volusion.

Woodstock, Georgia, United States #703934

Biggest issues we experience with Volusion:

1) Site is down or unresponsive 3-4% which is FAR from their 99% uptime guarantee. They also do not update your their status.volusion.com page to keep their customers informed, therefore you have to call them along with EVERYONE else to find out what is going on. The result: Thousands of dollars in lost sales opportunities.

2) Unresponsive, incompetent support. EVERY issue we have contacted their 1800 support team on has required them to open a trouble ticket and have us wait for an answer. Normally this wouldn't be a concern; however, in our current tickets we have a 7 day, 22 day, 48 day, and 258 day ticket that have NO solutions for them, just a wait and hope they will eventually fix.

3) Seemingly NO QA/QC before new releases to customers. I wouldn't hope they do actually test some, but thus far: V13 was a miserable fail and hindered work for a few weeks. Sell on eBay features has been available for over 3 months to customers and still does not update eBay with tracking information most of the time. The release of Sell on Amazon was launched earlier this month. We had to reload all the products through Volusion and then come to find out they do not send some of the important information for shipping which cost us hundreds of dollars, not to mention the integration is pointless because it does not bring the orders into Volusion automatically, so we are back to manually entering these orders.

4) Shipping rates use back up rates instead of live rates on a daily basis. Unfortunately there is no way to know other than the amount charged, but who knows how many customers this scares off. FedEx and UPS have logs that show their systems and communication issues, but they have only once matched up to what we have experienced. This again is an issue with the nimrods trying to program the web services from Volusion to your carrier of choice.

5) Site search is one of the worst I have ever come across in ecommerce. Expect to have to partner with Nextopia or SLI Systems at $700+/month.

6) If you do a good bit of import/export or run a decent sized site (20,000+ unique visitors a month) expect DRASTIC overages on your bandwidth at $5 per gb. The reason is because Volusion passes off some of these services to a 3rd party to process, therefore you get charged for the data going there and then coming back.

This honestly is the TIP of the iceberg and we have experienced far more issues on a recurring basis. We are in the process of moving systems, but with the amount of business we do...its not an easy move.

So if you can live with all the above wonderful features, by all means give them a shot. I'm not going to give our domain because they have tried retaliating on us in the past and punishing us for speaking the truth, but if you need help or advice on what else is out there...please feel free to contact me: ryan.roberts @ tekjunky.com

Houston, Texas, United States #699266

I have had the same non service from Volusion. They sent me a survey so I answered it truthfully and now They barely talk to me at all.

Their standard answers of it can't be done or give us more money is old.

I'm beginning to think they don't have a customer service dept. at all.


So, I signed up with Volusion after becoming very upset with 1&1. When I signed up with Volusion, I started with the lowest plan possible, as I was a new company and did not have very much capital.

Volusion had given me the capability of 5 email accounts. I recently upgraded my plan so that I could include more products. When I upgrade, I lost the availability of multiple email accounts. Now, after upgrading, I can only have 2 email accounts.

This is a joke! Anyone have any idea of hosting and shopping carts that are user friendly, as I have very little knowledge of HTML, please email me @ jeffrey@georgiatacticalsupply.com.


Have to Agree, Volusion were very quick to talk me into dropping the 30 day free trial so that I could benefit from the "Full" package. I then discovered that the chat service does not work with Mac.

$30 per month magically turned into £30- as did the domain purchase which was supposed to be $12- per annum , but £12- per annum was charged from debit card. 40% increase which they did eventually back down on and refunded. Now the latest, I added adult toy section to our lingerie store and asked volusion USA to help remove a photo which was determined not to move... BANG..

Volusion went through the whole site and picked up on a pack of playing cards with a picture of a topless maiden on the front. Instant notification from legal department that I am in violation of terms.. and ordered to remove the whole adult section...

Bummer as we have just taken delivery of a huge amount of christmas stock to fill the section.

All ordered form a EU supplier who legally display the stock on a wholesale online order site.

Take it from me...

read between the lines before signing with this crowd wh dictate to EU but happily take your money. Still waiting for USA Legal departments response.


After losing thousands of dollars with Volusion's constant down times I have decided to move my store to magento. Volusion is the MOST unreliable and greedy company you will ever find.


We have been with Volusion for just under 1 year and had and still have nothing but trouble. No telling how much business we lost due to unexpected down-time.

I don't even want to know how much we spent on Adwords pay per clicks for broken-link clicks. I have to constantly pause my Adwords campaigns during down-time.

May as well pause Adwords while sleeping at night. Volusion SUCKS!!


I'm only stil with Volusion becasue I haven't found a suitable replacement. There's a couple of features that I have to have that Volusion seems to be the only cart software that has them.

Once I find a suitable replacement, I'll run as fast as I can from this turd of a software.

Oh, and the 30 minute wait times for crappy support are wonderful too.


I agree with every comment completely, as a VP. I have spent so many wasted hours arguing with management at volusion about every issue under the sun. For those thinking of using volusion...DON'T! Here's a few BIG reasons why.

1. You can't add a blog to your domain, it must be on a subdmain and it will take days to just figure our how.

2. SUPPORT SUCKS. Enough said, plan on waiting 30 minutes to speak with someone on chat or on telephone.

3. Errors, limitations, and excuses.

4. Upcharges for anything you want to do to the site that doesn't come out of the box. Such as simply moving a code from the bottom of the page to the top for product reviews. Why you would have that at the bottom is plain ***.

Sorry to ramp, but I'm just so annoyed. Today I spent 5 hours just trying to get American Express cards accepted. I signed up with them to be the merchant account with clearly states you don't need to fill out applications with anyone else and what did they do?, They passed me two tw other third party companies to fill out applications.

Seriously in the works of switching. Would love advice and any recommendations for anyone who has switched from volusion to a company that has there $%^& together.


Volusion can kiss my a$$. Hidden Fees everywhere.

AND when you go to cancel you have to agree to their Terms and Conditions or else you cannot cancel. What a Joke.


I am a very easy going person, but Volusion has changed that. After ordering an SSL certificate by the ONLY means they provide, 5 days before our current certificate expired, we were informed it will take 7-10 business days to complete this order. WHAT!!! So now day 13, we average 1,000's of dollars a day in sales on our website and today at 1:30 in the afternoon and NO SALES as our certificate has expired.

We have a total of about $1,000 in sales for the last 6 days (for those brave enough to pass through the numorous security warnings). We are actually thinking about laying off our shipping staff.

I have heard every excuse. Obviously they do not realize that I am very knowledgeable about ssl certificates so they have basically been lying about what is going on.

We have been with Volusion for 6 years and hate to have to rebuild our site somewhere else, but I am now mad enough to move. If you like working with a company who models itself after the governent, then Volusion is for you.

If you prefer to have a support sytem who actually cares about your business, go somewhere else.


Volusion has changed. They've become money hungry and greedy.

That would be good if it meant getting better products and services but we aren't. Support sucks. The product is still the same ASP code that was written 10 years ago.

Its so out of date that I can't do anything that everyone else is easily doing. I'm changing soon.

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