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As one of the ORIGINAL Volusion customers (I used to talk for hours with with Kevin back when he was developing it. He was a teenager back then (My store # is 4 digits that is how long I have been with them) I can speak as sincere and straight forward about Volusion.

Here is my advice to anyone considering opening a e-commerce account. DO NOT USE VOLUSION!!!! I repeat, DO NOT USE VOLUSION. HERE IS WHY: (btw it wasn't always this way - it has progressively gotten worse) * Volusion will nickel and dime you on everything they can.

Even the smallest things are add-ons * Volusion is not an easy to use interface. * Volusion is not up to date (you pay more to have what is considered an online store selling standard everwhere else) * Volusion will overcharge you on bandwidth (caught them many times doing this) * Volusion will "update" their system, even at the sake of your site not working on new platform. * Volusion doesn't even include email with your package. SAY WHAT?!

NONE! * Volusion mobile SUCKS SO BAD!! IT IS THE WORST EVER. Please for the sake of your business -STAY AWAY from their mobile.

* Volusion will allow customers to place orders even when the item is OUT OF STOCK , HIDDEN and DO NOT ALLOW BACKORDERS is all selected! (This is a huge problem) * Custom template? oh NO!! Volusion really doesn't care about any custom template stores, they will change their backend and your are screwed if you don't update your template.

* The admin backend has been changed to a completely backasswards way of doing things. In order to look so high tech then made it goofy and difficult to find the simplest things. * Volusion had customer service, did away with it, brought it back, limited it, now its back. Who knows for how long?

* Volusion charges for SSL and most other places include it with monthly plans that are priced like V's. * I promise you will experience ISSUES and LOST SALES all the time with Volusion. We have had 100's of customer calls saying they can NOT get the "Place Order" button to actually place order. It just stalls, we had one customer who clicked it 5 times before she called us.

Finally on the 7th time of clicking it, it went through. How many other customers just left after the 2nd click? * Volusion SEO is terrible. Since Volusion has changed things up so many times, my custom template became obsolete, my site lost sales.

It went from 5000 orders a month to 20 orders a month!!! I went from $680,000/yr to $20,000. I was told that it was because the majority of my visitors are on mobile devices, so I turned on Volusions' mobile platform- NOT ONE ORDER FOR 3 WEEKS! Turned it off and within 5 hours, started getting orders again.

I stayed with them since 2000, since I was afraid to move to a new platform. I was afraid to move 500 products. I was afraid to have to come up with all sorts of new images, new descriptions, etc. I fought to defend that the issue was the website.

I kept saying ti was the market, it was competition, it was everything other than Volusion. But after some very strong convincing ( I really didn't want to change - even tho I knew I was so unhappy, but change is scary) I changed over to Shopify...and OMG!!!! WOW VOLUSION IS IN THE DARK AGES WITH A DUNCE HAT ON! I quietly duplicated my site over to Shopify, It was SO EASY...

I could go on and on about how amazing Shopify is but this is about how poor Volusion is so I won't. BUT.... know this. Since I opened my new Shopify site (Volusion site is still active - until Shopify gets search engine recognized) I have had over $5000 in sales on my new Shopify site in 22 days!!!

Volusion site? $67.81 There is no denying it..... Volusion is not where it is at anymore. I am going to turn off the Volusion site on 6/30/18, when my SSL expires and never look back!

PLEASE DO NOT START YOUR ONLINE E-COMMERCE STORE ON VOLUSION! YOU MAY BE FIGHTING AN UPHILL BATTLE THAT YOU WILL BLAME ON YOURSELF! I don't want anyone else to feel bad about their company, or their marketing skills, or the market. Thinking that the low sales or traffic is their fault.

I'm telling you firsthand, it is very likely that a good portion of blame is on the Volusion platform. I was about to give up my company. Shut the doors after 20 years, because of Volusion. Now I am seeing what a huge mistake that would and could have been.

If I had only changed over years ago.... lesson learned for me!

I hope you learn from my mistake... BEST OF LUCK TO YOU (UNLESS YOU CHOOSE VOLUSION - THEN "I TOLD YOU SO!")

Product or Service Mentioned: Volusion Ecommerce Platform.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

Preferred solution: I already moved to shopify and wont be back..

I didn't like: Deceptive marketing, Design, Account management, Bad service, Unreliable service.

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How did you migrate your website from Volusion to Shopify? I have about 7,000 products and I am very worried there will be many problems doing this. Thanks In Advance


I was offered a two week free trial for a free website. I never got anything.

I'm thinking free "so what" Found out they had taken $650 out of my Discover Card. Discover at this time is not going to get my money back?

Contact your credit card, State Attorney General, Texas Attorney General and Federal Trade Commission, that is what I did

Mark Stevens

Mark Stevens

Killer Joe Coffee Inc.

Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

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