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Here's the situation. At end of the month, I need to get all my orders charged because the credit card processor charges a minimum fee and if I don't meet it, I pay anyway. Make sense? If I'm going to pay $40--approximating $2500 of credit card charges, might as well let people get their miles.

SO I pop on to charge my orders, and get an error message when updating a long-time customer credit card (her MC got hacked, now gives me an AMEX). It's a simple 4-step process to "CHANGE PAYMENT METHOD" but I select "credit card" then select "AMEX" then type in the number, then the name, then the exp. And I get an error message "CARD# MISSING OR INCORRECT FORMAT." OK, that would make sense if I selected VISA and typed a 15-digit AMEX. But I didn't, I did it right. I tried 10 more times, re-booted, new browser, finally had to call the dreaded tech support line as time short before the month-end cutoff.

I talked to the rep for over two hours. It's hard for him to hear you of course because he's in a boiler room that's very loud with lots of voices, and partying/cheering drowning out mine, so you tend to speak louder and louder hoping to be heard.

He keeps saying that I need to start over with a new file, that he and his supervisors (which he has been back/forth with multiple times) can add a cc# no problem. So finally, fine, I re-create an entirely new order (note all these "test" cc's the tech team is adding to try to prove this is my fault are sending "updated payment info" EMAILS TO MY CUSTOMER. The new order I'm attempting, again, fails, of course, with the same error message. I demand to text or email it to him. I'm sick of being treated like an idiot and them not addressing the actual problem.

The experience is similar to calling COMCAST (Xfinity) and being told to turn off your modem and TV and wait 2 minutes. Um, you do that before you call!!

Finally I'm told that I'm "not speaking normally" (after two hours of runaround and useless support), missing the month-end deadline, costing me money as well as time, I'm given an ultimatum: he hangs up or I agree to be transferred to a supervisor who "wants to help me." They secure your "agreement" to the choice (not exactly a choice when the only alternative is they will hang up the phone on you) for legal reasons to be able to say another call resolved where they gave the customer exactly what the customer asked for (xfer to supervisor to s t a r t o v e r...)

Supervisor immediately informs me it's my fault, that error code means it's a blacklisted or stolen card and there's nothing wrong with their platform. I ask, "If that error code means it's a blacklisted or stolen card, why didn't your tech support rep tell me that 2.25 hours ago?? Do you think this is acceptable service?"

He said that he gave me my options (go back to the customer and ask for a new card) and that he will not be badgered into talking about something that is not the responsibility of Volusion.

Summary: VOLUSION does not believe it's their responsibility to understand and explain their error codes when you call in. They have standard placation lines that are insulting and unproductive and waste HOURS of your time.

It's offensive beyond belief.

I'll contact my customer and see if she made a typo. But we (tech support with me suffering on the phone) hadn't even attempted to charge the card; all we were doing is trying to change the payment information so I could charge her once it's updated. If I got a typo from my customer, fine, but tell me that in the first five minutes!!! Why would it take TWO AND A HALF HOURS fighting to be heard over the boiler room din of the tech "service" department, missing my deadline, costing me money, to be told what an error code means by a condescending supervisor??

The supervisor claims the software does a "pre-check" of the card and that's why, even though we never pushed "receive" to process via, that's why we got "card number missing or invalid format." You would think tech support staff that answer the phone would be trained on what every error message means. Or IMMEDIATELY take responsibility to say, Oops that's a rare one I haven't worked with before, lemme go ask someone before we go any further."

Instead they assume you're an idiot who can't operate a keyboard and make you do two hours worth of work assuming you've done something stupid.

For reference, I've had the account 7-8 years and processed hundreds and hundreds of orders, which anyone in tech support ought to be able to see. Not my first time at the rodeo. And I've had to call tech support dozens of times before, nearly always the same condescending treatment.

Terrible customer service. Truly disrespectful. Sign up only if you understand nothing and are willing to be treated like you understand nothing.

I liked: Simple to program.

I didn't like: Customer service attitude.

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This statement is exactly true about Volusion. They are always blaming the customers, when it's Volsions server or their soft ware is what the issue is! I have had them now for 4 years two different websites and they both screw up doing the same exact thing all the time.

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